Welcome to Vicky Bakery
Welcome to Vicky Bakery
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Family owned and operated for more than 40 years, Vicky Bakery is South Florida's
source for authentic Cuban pastries. Known for their famous "pastelitos", a family
recipe used over three generations, Vicky Bakery has established a stellar reputation
for producing quality baked goods. Vicky Bakery features a diverse menu that ranges
from baked goods to sandwiches, coffee, cakes and party specials at prices that
everyone can afford. Since 1972, customers continue to visit Vicky Bakery for their
fresh bread, fine desserts and custom cakes that have made Vicky Bakery a brand
name in the baking industry. Look for a Vicky Bakery location nearest you, with 12
stores throughout Dade and Broward to better serve you!

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Vicky Bakery,
40 años en el sur de la Florida
Published on November 2012
Vicky Bakery comenzó con una sola localidad. Ahora, tres generaciones de la familia
Cao administran 11 dulcerías en los condados de Miami-Dade y Broward.
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Cuba Nostalgia allows for a stroll down memory lane
Published on May 19, 2013
On the last day of Cuba Nostalgia’s quinceañera party, Carlos Rosario played
dominoes with his son Enzo, Librada Caballero salsaed to Willy Chirino tunes,
and Joe and Maria Elena Chambrot tried to find the addresses of their childhood
homes on a gigantic floor map.
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